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ATLA is a french music school situated in the heart of the legendary music district of Pigalle in Paris, it provides training and education in contemporary music and stage related performance. In a warm and friendly atmosphere the school proposes courses in various styles and instruments taught by nearly 100 tutors. It offers a customized and multi-faceted teaching on a wide range of programs and tailor-made solutions suitable for musicians (instrumentalists & singers) at any level.

Acknowledged by the Ministry for the arts ATLA is constantly renewing the approach of the professional development of the artists and their better integration into the business. Over the last 20 years 10,000 professional and amateur musicians as well as 250 aspiring artistic and cultural business managers have been trained at the school.

The teaching staff is composed of both experienced musicians and qualified music tutors in contemporary music (holders of the CA, vocational training certificate and of the DE, state diploma) working collaboratively in a welcoming and convivial environment.

We support musicians to develop the complementary skills necessary for success in their chosen domain and boost their confidence and employability. Optional modules are available that include stage management, production and direction, band management, teaching, promotion in contemporary music, event marketing…

We also have classes for aspiring teachers to acquire or improve their teaching skills as well as courses for students targeting artistic and cultural business management (e.g. preparing for a live event or a recording music session). Students who are post A levels can obtain the title of « Artistic and Cultural Business Manager », level III (equivalent to A levels + 2 years formal studies), registered by the RNCP (National directory of professional certifications). For musicians looking for an accredited diploma, we can give you the opportunity to take the Musician Performer in Contemporary Music Certificate delivered by the Fneijma (federation in which ATLA is a member).

In recent years, a real “village” has been built around the musical training at the school, offering work spaces for the development of artistic and professional projects. Through « E-pole », artists in contemporary music can thus benefit from guidance, advice and feedback for the structuring of their projects, whilst being supported in their professional development via « System A ».

We encourage exchange and meetings between the students (from all horizons), the different project leaders, partners from all backgrounds and the staff. This diverse mix helps to create a unique and lively atmosphere conducive to creativity found in all the events throughout ATLA (concerts, jam sessions).

We look forward to welcoming you soon and assure you that your experience here will be memorable, fruitful and enjoyable !

The courses being taught in French, a good understanding of the language is required to follow a course at ATLA.

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Pour toute demande d’information, contactez ou appelez nous au 01 44 92 96 36.

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